Hi there, I’m Nicole!

I’m a mama to the sweetest little boy. A wife to the most amazing husband.  And I’m on the journey to natural wellness & a deeper faith.

How do these two things relate? God has called us mamas to a powerful mission. We are called to guide, nurture and empower our children to live godly lives. But (as I share more in my story below) wellness – physical, emotional and spiritual wellness – are keys to living out this calling in its fullness.

My mission here is to help you learn to guide your family not only toward natural wellness but to a deeper faith and sense of purpose.

I hope that when you’re here, it feels as though you’re grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting alongside me. Not one of us has arrived at the “goal”. But together we are pressing towards this beautiful calling that God has for us. Together, we are mamas on a mission. 

Learn more about my journey below!

What Mamas with a Mission is all about

As Mission Mamas, we commit to surrendering our hearts, our bodies, our minds & our family to the Lord.

We seek to bring our husbands good as we serve & submit to them. We commit to seeking out God’s will for us as mamas in loving and guiding our children wisely. We choose to honor our bodies and to teach our children to do the same because they are a temple of the Holy Spirit. And we seek to follow God’s calling for us as mamas and as women of Christ. 

As Mission Mamas, we’re on a journey toward guiding our family to natural wellness & deeper faith.

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My Story


I grew up with many health struggles & symptoms…

Around my early twenties, I found out that I had several chronic health conditions. As great as it felt to find an answer, the doctors gave me little hope. “Managing symptoms” was what they said I would need to do. And for a long time, my quality of life suffered. But years later, I began to discover all the chemicals in our products & foods and how this affects our bodies. I began to learn how much our mental health can also affect our bodies. 

It was then that I began my journey towards natural wellness…

Knowing that I wanted children gave me a powerful motivator to make big changes. Not only did I want to find wellness for myself, but I wanted to provide the best possible environment for my children to grow up in.

Not too long ago I became a mama and this changed my life forever…

I absolutely love the motherhood journey! It’s one that has grown and stretched my marriage and my own heart. My husband and I seek to surrender our marriage and parenthood to God and to live in His purpose for us as parents. And I have loved learning how to seek out wellness for our family – naturally. Because wellness isn’t just physical. Natural wellness impacts our physical bodies, our emotional minds and hearts as well as our spirit. God has called us to treat our bodies well as they are a temple of the Holy Spirit. And that is part of what we will dig into here.

As mamas, we have a mission…

Not only a mission to guide our families toward wellness, but a mission ordained by God to be a part of the eternal journey for our children. Everything we do has an impact on our little ones. And this is one of the greatest missions we can have. Our calling to guide our children to the Lord and serve our husbands is a big part of what I talk about here at Mamas with a Mission. 

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