How often do you read posts about how to grow your blog quickly or how to make money fast?

These posts and stories get me excited and get me feeling hopeful. Often, they offer the secret to their success, their road-map or path to exponential growth and an exploding income.

And yet, when you come back to your not so large blog that makes little money, you’re once again hit with that overwhelming sense that, maybe this just isn’t for me.

For the Blogger Whose Blog Isn't Growing Fast Enough

Today, I want to share with you the part of the blogging journey that often gets overlooked. It’s easy to share our highs and our wins. And sometimes I even see the struggles sprinkled in here or there.

But friends, the journey to success does not happen overnight. Because in order to succeed, we must fail. In order to grow, we must wait. And in those times of failure and waiting, we must keep working our butts off until we find our way.

Growing a successful blog takes time. And that's okay!

Why Most Blogs Stop After the Setup

Why do most blogs fail after such a short time? Because blogging is hard. work.

What most people don’t recognize is that blogging is not just writing posts in our pj’s or while sipping coffee at the local coffee shop.

Blogging takes the creation of an entire website, the development of a successful brand, always creating content and more content, an insane amount of networking and so much more. In fact, I feel like I spend only a very small percentage of my time simply writing content.

Setting up your blog is exciting. Usually you start with an inspired vision and a lot of hope for the possibilities. You pour out your heart and soul into creating your blog, getting your first few posts up and then…

Not much happens.

Maybe the only views and comments you get are from family and friends who you forced to read the post.

A successful blog doesn’t happen overnight. start a profitable blog. If you want to , it takes work. Even if you include the absolute best SEO, Google takes a few weeks to recognize it.

And yet, you still see posts about how other bloggers are making thousands each month or growing their lists of subscribers by the second.

Why is it so easy to quit blogging? Because it is hard work that takes a long time to pay off.

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Pressing on Through the Waiting Times

When you feel like giving up, the best advice I can give you is to put your blinders on to the world around you and keep going.

Keep writing posts. Keep creating awesome opt-ins. Keep sending that newsletter full of value. Keep networking, linking up and sharing on social media.

The most important thing you can do to make your blog grow is to keep creating awesome content full of value and working to get your content out there.

Don’t look too closely at what other bloggers are doing. There are some strategies that you will need to learn (SEO, social media, email marketing) but what they’re doing for their blog may not be what’s best for yours.

This leads me to the most important part of growing your blog when it feels like nothing is happening.

Nurture What You Have

Don’t wait for the masses to continue to pour out your heart to your readers and subscribers.

Write to one subscriber the same that you’d write to a million.

Write to ten readers with the passion you’d use to write a book.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten (several times, actually) is that it doesn’t matter the size of your audience, but the engagement and commitment they feel towards you and your blog.

It’s better to have a small, well-nurtured group of raving fans than a large group of anonymous and unengaged subscribers and readers.

Take time to listen to your audience, no matter how small, and give them what they need. The true first steps to monetize your blog is to nurture and grow a dedicated audience. 

I know it’s hard in the time between the initial excitement and the explosive growth, but if you commit to nurturing your blog and continue to put in the hard work, it will pay off.

What have you struggled with in this beginning time where your blog growth seems stagnant? Do you have any tips to share? Comment below 🙂


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