Are you stuck believing that there are no budget-friendly natural products out there?

One of the things that intimidated me most when switching to natural products was the cost! I mean, I have spent years honing our budget and trying to live frugally. How could I just throw away our cheaper options for ones with hefty bills?!

But the benefits of using natural products began stacking up and so with a LOT of hesitation and many questions, I decided to start switching out our products.

Budget Friendly Natural Products that Actually Work

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I had already been trying to eat more natural food and cut out processed foods altogether and had seen a major difference in how we felt. So switching out chemical ridden products seemed to be the next step.

But because the prices seemed so high, I opted to try for some homemade recipes. I spent quite a bit buying the ingredients that were common to most homemade natural recipes, but I wasn’t having much luck with them working. And in the meantime, I’d have to keep using my chemical-ridden products as backup.

It wasn’t until a few failed attempts at some homemade recipes, that I started really looking for budget-friendly natural products. There had to be a better way.

And to my surprise, there were a lot of budget-friendly natural products that actually work out there!

Today I’m going to list some of my favorite natural products that don’t come with the guilt of draining our bank account and budget. Feel free to click over and check them out, there are tons of options for each one!


For the Bathroom

Natural Products for the Bathroom

Acure Shampoo & Conditioner

This was actually one of the first natural shampoos and conditioners that I tried! And it works so well.

I had avoided purchasing hair care products for so long because of their prices. And although I had heard that this one didn’t work for everyone, I decided to give it a try and here’s why I think you should too!

The cost is so low! For both the shampoo & conditioner, the prices range anywhere from $12.00-$26.00. That’s as low as $6 per bottle and it’s completely natural!

So even if you are just looking to try something out, it is not too high of a risk. And if it works, then you have a low cost, natural product to add to your daily routine.

The shampoo & conditioner set comes in these different options:

Hair Straightening - Coconut & Marula

Curiously Clarifying - Lemongrass & Argan

Mega Moisture - Argan Oil & Pumpkin

Vivacious Volume - Peppermint & Echinacea

Body Beautiful - Pear & Fig

Well People Makeup

I don’t typically wear a lot of makeup, but I do consistently wear the same things. And as I learned about the damaging effects of the chemicals and toxins in the makeup I was using, I couldn’t help but feel that pang of guilt every morning as I applied it.

But I had no idea where to start looking for a natural makeup. Until I found W3LL People! Their makeup is a great natural option, rating from 0-3 on Think Dirty (all green!).

It’s not dirt cheap, but the quality is really great and the price is reasonable. My favorite is their mascara, eyeliner and concealer! You can check them out and more here:

W3LL People Black Mascara

W3LL People Concealer

W3LL People Liquid Eyeliner

View all W3LL People products

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

I quickly realized how much of what is in your toothpaste gets absorbed into your bloodstream through your gums and mouth and decided it was time to find a natural toothpaste.

As for the flouride debate, I’m going to leave this one up to you. Flouride isn’t the worst thing for you, but many opt to go flouride-free. White the ADA insists upon flouride’s safety, many claim that it is not worth the risk. Although it helps prevent some cavities, it is closer to 25% prevention rate - which really isn’t that high.

Again, I’m still unsure of where I stand, so I will include a few options of natural toothpastes with or without flouride here:

Rapid Relief Sensitive Natural Toothpaste (Flouride-Free)

Anti-Plaque & Whitening Natural Toothpaste (Flouride-Free)

Whole Care Flouride Natural Toothpaste

Children’s Silly Strawberry Natural Toothpaste (Flouride-Free)

View all other flavors here.

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Face Wash

I was never great at taking care of my face and often resorted to using simple body wash as a face wash. But as I've gotten older, I've noticed the need for special care on the delicate skin of our faces!

So I set out to find an affordable natural face wash. And I came across Nourish Organic. They have tons of awesome products. I started with the Watercress and Cucumber Moisturizing Face Wash and loved it. I loved the benefits of keeping my skin soft and smooth while nourishing it with antioxidants. Because this one is packed with the nutrients of watercress, the smell took me a bit of time to get used to. But I added in 2 drops of essential oil and love that that is always an option!

I will list some of their products here, but there are so many, I hope you find some that you love too!

Watercress & Cucumber Moisturizing Face Cleanser

Nourishing & Smoothing Lavender Mint Body Lotion

Argan & Pomegranate Ultra-Hydrating Face Cream

Rejuvenating Rose Body Butter

View all Nourish Organic Products

Acure Deodorant

Regular deodorant does not only contain chemicals to help you smell better, but it actually contains metals and chemicals that cause you to stop sweating.

So fair warning: when you switch to natural deodorant, you may notice you sweat more.

But it is worth every drop of sweat, because when you make this switch, you stop shoving dangerous chemicals into your armpit pores.

These natural deodorants are really great at helping those sweaty pits smell great. My favorite is the lavender! And if you're looking for a good one for men, I recommend the cedarwood and mint. And the best part is, they aren’t super pricey!

It comes in 4 different scents: Cedarwood & Mint, Fragrance Free, Lavender & Coconut and Lemon Verbena.

You can check out all 4 it out here: Acure All Natural Deodorant

Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap

I love using this bar soap as an all natural body wash in the shower. It lasts me a long time and comes in both unscented and various flavors. This is a great alternative to those pricey natural bath and shower gels. They come out to be around $4-$5 per bar depending on which pack you get.

I also sometimes use this at my sink as a hand soap. My favorite, again, is the lavender. But I also love using the unscented!

I will list the different scents here. Be sure to take note of how many come in each pack. It can help you figure out how to best save money and budget!



Tea Tree





Variety Pack

View All Options


For Cleaning

Natural Products for Cleaning

Thieves Household Cleaner

This was one of the first things I ordered with Young Living and it is a steal! Not only is it really inexpensive for the amount of cleaner that you get, but can be used for so many different cleaning purposes! This cleaner is super concentrated and so it almost always has to be diluted, making it last for a very long time!

One bottle of Thieves household cleaner costs $22.50 (it lasts for ages) and you can use it for these things:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Heavy degreaser
  • Window and glass cleaner
  • Dishwasher
  • Floors, walls, fabrics, carpets
  • Laundry
  • & so much more!

If you are already a member with Young Living, you can get your thieves cleaner here or in your portal. If not, check out my Getting Started with Young Living page to learn more!

Better Life Dishwashing Detergent

This was actually one of the first natural products I purchased. I came across this brand because of their cheaper prices. Rightly so, I was hesitant because most natural brands are pretty pricey! So why was this one so inexpensive?

I had just finished up my bottle of Cascade and so I gave this one a try. And sure enough, our dishes came out clean! This detergent only requires a small amount and the entire bottle lasts for 60 loads! You can get one bottle for $6.99 and a pack of 2 for $13.99!

I even added a few drops of lemon essential oil to not only help my clean dishes smell fresh but to help with the cleaning power. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly natural dishwasher detergent, check out this one.

You can get it here: Better Life Natural Gel Dishwasher Detergent

Better Life Dish Soap

After trying the dishwasher detergent, I knew I had to try more from this cheap natural brand. Of course, I was still cautious because each product works differently. But this was my next purchase. I opted for the unscented bottle so that I could add my own essential oils, but they do have several different scents.

I realized how desperately I needed to replace my soaps when I looked up my previous dish soap on the Think Dirty app and found that several constituents in what I was using were: neurotoxins that suppress the central nervous system, carcinogens and some even caused infertility!

I couldn’t believe I was using that soap every day because not only was it getting onto the dishes that we ate from, but soaking into my hands as I washed dishes every day!

Lemon Mint Dish Soap

Unscented Dish Soap


Have you tried any of these natural products? I would love to hear what worked for you!