Do you have a dream that feels almost impossible?

For the majority of my life I hid my dreams. I didn’t think someone like me would ever be able to do the things my heart so desperately wanted.

For me, that dream was writing. And although I never stopped writing, I spent most of my life afraid to chase that dream.

How to Claim Confidence to Boldly Chase Your Dream

Over time the dream evolved, eventually becoming something I’d like to pursue one day. But not today.

I continued to listen to the lies of “not enough”.

Not enough time.

Not enough money.

Not enough talent.

These lies fed the fear of boldly chasing my dream.

What dream rests within your heart right now? And what “not enough” lies are keeping you from chasing after that dream?

In order to boldly chase your dream, you have to take a stand against the lies that hold you back. It was something I learned and something I have to do every day, even after pursuing my dream.

Today we will look at how you can take a stand against those lies and how to find the courage and confidence to chase your dream.

Standing Against the Lies That Hold You Back

Recognizing the lies is the first step to fighting them.

These lies like to web their way so quietly into our lives that we don’t even notice they’re there. Take time to write out your fears and the things that are holding you back. When I did this, I found things like:

  • Fear of financial security
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of failing

These fears are all based on a lie that I’ve believed. The first fear of financial security is based on the lie that God won’t provide where He leads me. The fear of not being good enough is based on the lie that I’m not enough and my talent isn’t worth anything. And the fear of failing is based on the lie that failure is bad, when in reality failure is a healthy and essential part to success.

Take time to write down your fears and consider what lies are beneath them. Some fears will be legitimate and we will get to those later. But many of our fears are based on lies that we need to stand against in order to chase our dreams.

The second step to standing against these lies is to claim the truth over your life.

Once you recognize these lies, you can find the truths that combat them.

Write these truths down. Post them around your house. Remind yourself of them daily.

When you fill your mind with truth, you will find courage and confidence start to manifest.

Confidence is Action

Don’t wait for confidence to find you. It isn’t just going to happen.

Confidence grows as you take each step toward chasing your dream.

Find ways to start small. This will help you build momentum and in turn build your confidence.

Embrace open doors and new opportunities.

Sometimes, you will face a crossroads that will require a leap. It’s these moments that will build the confidence you  need to boldly chase your dreams.

Don’t let your fears and the lies hold you back from taking the leap you need to chase your dream.

Prepare But Don’t Wait for Perfect

There is no perfect time to leap into chasing your dream. This is another major lie that will hold you back from ever living out your dream.

There will always be a more ideal time to take the leap. Don’t let that hold you back from chasing your dream now.

All that said, it is important to prepare. It wouldn’t be smart to quit your job when you have bills to pay. Sometimes, chasing your dream will take creativity and a whole lot of extra work.

There is a balance in preparing and taking a leap into chasing your dream. Make sure that you are making smart choices, but don’t wait for all the perfect circumstances to line up, because then you’ll never begin.

What dream are you longing to chase today? What can you do to take that first step in boldly chasing it?