Ever since I was little I’ve struggled with managing my stress. I was that kid with headaches and belly aches and that teen with anxious tendencies and chronic symptoms related to stress.

The truth is, I never learned how to manage my stress in a healthy way. And as someone who has experienced a lot of extreme stressors and a lot of consistent stressors, this led me to develop very unhealthy coping mechanisms.

How to Manage Stress in a Healthy Way with These Simple Ideas

And more times than not, I was recommended anxiety pills or antidepressants to cope with my stress. For some, these are most definitely needed, but in my case, it was an easy way out for the doctors and I’m grateful my mom fought for more natural ways to find answers.

Just a few years ago, I came to a breaking point. My stress had taken over my life. And instead of proactively managing it, I was caught in a cycle of reacting to stressors, leading my body towards chronic health symptoms and anxiety.

Stress management and self-care is a hot topic today. So many of us struggle to manage stress in healthy ways, right?

I mean we see people (including myself) turning to Netflix, medications, drugs or alcohol and unhealthy relationships. And this leads to more stress which then leads us to antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds and the cycle continues.

If you are struggling to cope with stress in a healthy way, I want to encourage you in the natural ways that I have found hope.

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