Thank you for your interest in writing for “Real Stories” – a Real Living Made Simple series. The mission of RLMS is to bring encouragement and guidance to those looking to live well, live naturally, find healing and achieve their dreams. I’m so excited that you are joining me in this mission!

As a part of this series, your post & blog will be promoted across my channels (Blog, Instagram, Pinterest & Email) and by other bloggers in this series. Submit your idea below.

In this series you will: Tell your story, give direction and make it simple, practical and applicable! Here are a few guidelines for your post. These guidelines come from years of learning what works best for my audiences. I cannot wait to read your post!

    • Posts should be written from a “me too” point of view. Share your story to encourage others and write for the reader.
    • Submit only original pieces with original ideas that have not appeared elsewhere, including your own personal blog.
    • Posts should be between 800-1,200 words.
    • Please use a similar format to other posts on Real Living Made Simple – with subheadings and bolded lines.
    • Posts should include a practical message with guidance or tips for the reader to take away. These tips should be easy to read/broken down. For example: Start with your story then lead into the post’s guidance or lesson and break the lesson/message down into 3 (+/-) sections. (You can weave your story throughout, or start with your story and then share practical tips/guidance.)
    • Be willing to post a teaser on your blog & share on social media!
    • I reserve the right to edit your post and add internal links. Please work with me if revisions are needed. I cannot wait to share your story and would love to do so in a way that will best fit the specific audience of RLMS.
      Send post in Word or Google Docs via email.
    • Please include a maximum of 2 links to your own blog (no affiliate links please!).
    • Please include one or two title options. You can use this website to brainstorm ideas:
    • Send any questions to: 
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