Simple Changes for a More Natural Lifestyle

I've always been pretty health conscious, even as a teenager. I grew up playing on a sports team and being heavily invested in health and science. I had every intention of being a doctor for many, many years.

Then, I started having children and put my dream of being a doctor on permanent hold. However, that didn't stop me from continuing my journey of health and wellness.

Simple Changes for a More Natural Lifestyle for Your Family

When I became a mom, it started to become even more important to me to learn all I could about natural health and wellness.

Little did I know what a journey that would become! My oldest child just turned fifteen and I have added six more children to our family. I have learned so much over the years. Most of what I have learned has been from extensive research, with some trial and error.

I have realized that I can not stress about what I cannot change; I just need to do the best that I can for my family with the resources that I have and pray about the things out of my control.

My children follow not what I say, but what I do. I can not tell them to take care of their bodies, while I neglect my own health. I can not stress the importance of knowing your own body if I rely on over-the-counter medicine to get me through my days. I can not instill a love of continued education if I never pick up a book for myself. I need to model the behavior I hope to impress on my children.

Living naturally can actually be quite simple. You don't need to implement everything all at once.

Take baby steps and see how each one affects your family. When you have a handle on one new thing, then you can add another. Chemicals are abundant in today’s fast-paced society, and while it’s impossible to get away from them completely, there are things you can do to live a more healthy, natural lifestyle.

Simple Changes for a More Natural Lifestyle

Embrace The Outdoors

I know many of you are cringing right now. Why am I starting with this?

As a culture, we are inside more than ever before. There are more chemicals indoors than outdoors. Learn to embrace being outside in nature.

If you are not used to being outside at all, start with a short walk. If you have children, go to an open field and play a field game. Take a hike with your dog, sit on a hammock and read a book, sit on your porch early in the morning and listen to the stillness. It's a beautiful thing to be part of something so grand and vast.

I was never an outdoor person. I would force myself to go out and play with my kids, and have a picnic or push them on the swings...but that was the extent.

Then, last year we decided to do something out of the ordinary and live in an RV full time. Talk about a culture shock! You can't help but be outside in nature on a daily basis. That experience has completely changed my family for the better. We have become closer and more active as a family, we are healthier and calmer, and we look for new experiences like never before.

Now, you don't have to go live in an RV to embrace nature...just start little by little and see where it takes you.

Cook At Home With Whole Foods

If you want to live a more natural lifestyle, you will need to learn to cook at home.

It is possible to go out to a restaurant and still eat healthy, but in the beginning, it is easier to start at home. Learn to really read nutrition labels. This will take some time and research. There are many hidden chemicals in foods, under a million different names. It made me furious when I started reading nutrition and ingredient labels. I could not believe some of the stuff that was allowed in our foods!

I have taught my children how to read nutrition labels, at a level that is appropriate for their ages. While I don't want them to obsess about everything that goes in their mouth, I do want them to be aware and educated, so they can make good decisions on their own when they are older.

When cooking at home, use whole foods whenever possible. Avoid boxed foods and anything with artificial ingredients or flavorings. If you can not pronounce it, you probably don't need to consume it. Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store and you will reap the benefits.

Learn About Natural Remedies

This is one change that could lead you down a long rabbit trail, but it is a worthy investment in your health.

Years ago, I started using essential oils and never looked back. I am constantly amazed at the benefits of using essential oils in our home. We have been able to get rid of all over-the-counter medications and replace them with essential oils or other natural alternatives.

When we started using natural remedies, our health and wellness improved dramatically. It can definitely be overwhelming to change over your entire medicine cabinet, so start with something that affects you often and start small. If you suffer from anxiety, look into natural remedies for anxiety. If you have problems sleeping, do some research on what will help with sleep. Learn how to treat seasonal allergies, or take care of your children's bellyaches. There are so many natural remedies out there, so be encouraged!

Use Natural Products In Your Home

This is another change that I recommend you making over time. The goal is to replace all your chemical-laden products with natural alternatives.

If you use essential oils, you have a great start. You can make so many great natural household and beauty products using essential oils and a few household ingredients. There are also many natural companies out there today, with safe and reliable products. It took me many years to find a company I could order the majority of my natural household and personal care products from, without paying a fortune, but I am so thankful I did my research.

Take Care Of Yourself

Self-care seems to be a cliche term these days, but it is something to be mindful of. Think of small things you can do to impact your health in a positive way.

I make sure to wake up before my children each day - this makes a huge difference in my day! I also make sure to do something I enjoy each day, whether that is reading a good book, listening to a podcast, or journaling. I didn't make this a priority for a long time until I learned that I was teaching my daughters not to take care of themselves!

It should go without saying, but following a healthy diet and implementing an exercise routine are both very important. It may not seem like these have anything to do with following a more natural lifestyle, but health in all forms is connected. When you feel better, you tend to do better.

What Are Some Changes You Have Made Towards A Natural Lifestyle?


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