Do you ever need a stay at home date night idea?

Maybe you're trying to save money, or don't have childcare or just want an evening in! My husband and I often have different ideas of what would be fun and so finding something to do that he loves and I can also enjoy is tricky!

Here are some ideas that we've both loved.

9 Stay-At-Home Date Nights You'll Both Love

When we decide to stay in for a date night, half the time, we end up stuck on the couch back and forth with the question, “What do you want to do?”

This takes up a lot of the time that we could be doing something meaningful together!

My husband likes to remind me that we sound like the vultures in The Jungle Book:

The best way to combat getting stuck at this point is to plan ahead! When you know you have a stay-at-home evening coming up, make a date out of it!

We really struggle to find something that we both will love to do. I love all the romantic date ideas and my husband like the more practical, doing something kind of ideas. So it almost always seems like we have to sacrifice one for the other.

But you don’t! There are tons of ideas that can incorporate both the practical and the romantic.

Here is a list of 9 stay at home date night ideas that you’ll both love.

1. Make Freezer Cookies

We did this a few months ago and not only was the evening a lot of fun, but we had easy to bake, homemade cookies for months!

We just used the Nestle Tollhouse recipe and then froze them! (I recommend flattening them and freezing them on a tray, individually before placing them in a ziploc or freezer bag.)

The best part is, most of the time, you have all the ingredients on hand! Get some music playing and get baking. You’ll end up with a fresh batch of delicious cookies to enjoy together.

2. Plan your next project together

We recently remodeled our house and we are still in the process of finishing up several projects. The ones we have to work on now are getting more exciting because the incorporate my husbands handy side and my enjoyment of design.

Planning a project is fun and can be an exciting way to connect. Dream up an idea of what you want to work on together, make the plans and if you can, get started!

Our current project is redoing our brick fireplace. We just made the list of steps and plan to get started on it this week.

What project can you plan for your next date night?

3. Play board games (you can spice these up if you’d like)

Neither of us are big board game fans, however, it can be quite fun to break one out and play together.

Get the competition flowing and connect in a way that’s different and engaging.

The best part about this is when the games get boring, you can always spice them up a bit!

4. Make a romantic dinner together (candlelight & all)

Light a candle, grab a bottle of wine and cook a dinner together. I love playing oldies while we do this.

My favorite meals to make for these date nights are pasta - not too hard, but still delicious!

5. Spa Night

Learn how to give each other amazing massages. Grab some lotion or massage oil, dim the lights and prepare for a night of relaxation.

6. Not-so-boring Movie Night

Don’t just plop on the couch and switch on Netflix. Instead, grab extra blankets, pop a bag or two of popcorn and choose a movie ahead of time. You can even choose to marathon a series!

Make movie night feel like a theater or drive-in.

7. Find a new hobby to learn together

Whether it’s learning an instrument, writing, or picking up on salsa dancing, find something new to learn together!

8. Reorganize or Declutter a room together

Have you heard about the decluttering excitement? Sometimes it's fun to sort through a room and make it look nice! Or you can opt to rearrange furniture. I love the fresh feel of a newly arranged room!

9.Create a playlist and dance to it

Remember those first few songs you considered "your songs"? Create a playlist with all of the songs that meant something to your relationship. Be sure to add your wedding song in there! I can already think of some that we would add. Then dance to them! Dim the lights and have a dance party, slowing down for the slower ones, of course.

What stay at home date night ideas have worked for you? If you try any of these, I'd love to hear about it!

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