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When I started a blog, I had in mind that I wanted to be able to eventually make some sort of income through it.

There were so many options, so surely I could find something. I poured all my spare time and energy into researching, writing and creating my blog. And it grew quick. I gained subscribers, page views and grew my content and resources fast. It was exhilarating, powerful and fun.

And then I hit a wall.

Have you ever experienced this? You get really excited about something new and find a sudden burst of energy and motivation. But after a short time, that energy fades and you find yourself wanting to give up on the very thing you’ve worked so hard to build.

So what’s going on?

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Actually Make Money Online

A lot of people call this phenomenon burn out. It’s common in demanding jobs, ministries and online businesses.

The problem with this method of work is that you’re building your foundation on the excitement and thrill of starting something new. The rush of hormones that comes from the thrill of something new and exciting can only last so long.

If you want to make sustainable money online, you have to set yourself up for success. You have to set boundaries and have a plan in order to avoid burnout and find your groove.

So today I will share about some of the powerful ways to avoid burnout. And at the end I will share my favorite resource in helping me to stay strong and avoid “fizzling out”.

So lets dive into the 3 ways to avoid burnout and actually make money online.

1. Set Boundaries

Boundaries between your work life and your personal life are essential to sustaining the motivation and energy for your online work.

I’m not saying don’t ever side-hustle, sometimes that is the only way to get started. Most of the time, taking the leap towards your dream job or any dream takes sacrifice. And one of the biggest sacrifices is time.

Maybe that means getting up a few hours earlier, or staying up a little later. Maybe it means dedicating every Saturday morning to working on your dream.

In the midst of the sacrifices it takes to build your dream job or online business, you will still need to establish boundaries.

Here are some examples of boundaries for online business/bloggers:

  • Putting your phone away when with family -don’t check email or updates
  • Setting aside at least an hour of time each day to unplug from all parts of your business venture or blog
  • Not doing any work on Sundays. Period.
  • Finding another way to be creative or have fun and allowing yourself to do this at least twice a week
  • Turn off notifications on your phone for any blog or online work-related things

These are just some examples of boundaries you can set to help find a healthy balance between online work and your personal life.

One of the hardest parts of blogging and online business is that it can go with you day and night. You can do it from absolutely anywhere with the touch of a button on your phone.

Be sure to establish clear boundaries in your own life. It’s okay to sacrifice, but sacrificing too much will only lead to burnout and the inability to sustain the work that you are doing.

2. Create a Plan and a Schedule

I find that my most productive days begin with a simple to-do list. I write down the tasks I want to get done for my blog and business and I prioritize these tasks.

It helps me stay on track with my bigger goals and to feel accomplished, creating momentum to keep achieving each little goal.

I will often step back and create a bigger “to-do” list or plan for my blog for the month or next few months that I can break down into weeks or days.

Doing this not only gives you the perspective you need to stay motivated and on track, but it allows you the direction and momentum to be productive each and every day.

I want to encourage you to create a to do list for your day. If your not sure what to include, try creating one for the month and breaking it down into daily steps.

3. Find Accountability & Encouragement

You can’t do it alone! Building an online business or a successful blog is really hard work.

We aren’t just typing up our thoughts and hitting publish. There’s hours of work that goes into each and every post, not to mention the work of managing the website and creating products and resources.

It’s hard work, and it pays off. But you will need accountability and encouragement along the way.

You will need those friends and mentors that can remind you of why you started and push you to keep going when it gets tough.

You will also need those in the field who you can network with and connect with. These groups are often called mastermind groups and are insanely beneficial in keeping you accountable and your business growing.

One of my favorite forms of encouragement and accountability is found in: Fizzle!

An Awesome Resource for Your Online Business or Blog

When I found Fizzle, I was struggling to sustain constant motivation. I was working hard to grow my blog, but feeling at a loss for direction and encouragement.

I claimed my one free month of Fizzle and raced through the How to Start a Blog that Matters course and the Book Yourself Solid course. These two were invaluable resources that have changed the way I approach my online business.

Of course, I went on to renew the membership and devoured the amazing resources and courses that Fizzle has. They offer courses on anything from networking to building businesses online to affiliate marketing to the tech stuff of online business.

They also have an amazing forum where you can connect and ask questions with others in the same place you are!

I’ve gone through the Book Yourself Solid course twice with each of my websites and it has been foundational for the building of my online business and my blog.

You can check out more about Fizzle here:

I love their name and where they got it from. Most businesses “fizzle out” after so long, and their purpose is to help you stay motivated and keep your business going strong!

What has helped you to avoid burnout in your online business and blogging endeavors? Share with me in the comments below! 🙂 

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