Do you ever feel like a healthier, happier, chemical-free life is just too unattainable in today's society?

I felt like that for so long. I was a huge skeptic of essential oils and the claims of how much they helped and how great they were.

Sure they sometimes smelled good. But some smelled weird. Some people swore by them, but it seemed a little too far off for me.

I wasn’t much into the “unattainable natural living” thing and that’s what I thought Young Living was all about.

Here’s Why I Avoided Young Living Essential Oils For So Long & Why I Finally Signed Up

So I went years ignoring anything essential oil related. In fact, I hadn’t really heard too much about them until recently.

I was cleaning my bathroom a few months ago and trying to cover my face with my shirt as I scrubbed the toilet and shower with bleach. It was a simple bleach cleaner, but it always gave me a headache.

I’d end up spending the rest of the day blowing my nose, trying to get rid of the smell.

Sure, it was killing any germ in sight, but was it doing more harm than good?

To top it off, I had been spending lots of money trying different over-the-counter and prescription medications to deal with the symptoms that kept popping up in my life. I was dealing with some major GI issues, anxiety, headaches, pain, nightmares and so much more!

That was when I came across a couple of posts pointing to the awesome benefit of using natural cleaners made with essential oils. That sent me on a tailspin of researching essential oils and their benefits.

I learned things like:

When applied topically, essential oils actually get into your bloodstream and help heal your body or affect different areas of your brain.

The olfactory gland at the top of your nasal canal affects a lot of your brain and therefore when diffused they activate different parts of your brain (aka they don’t just smell good, they actually do something).

Essential oils can be of benefit for many symptoms and struggles.

I learned about the natural cleaning products that you can make with essential oils and rid your house of the chemicals that are causing so many of the symptoms we experience.

Suddenly, I realized that maybe it would be worth a try.

One of the biggest changes is the responsibility I now have towards my home and my family. I feel the responsibility of filling my home with healthy things and I began to realize that didn’t just mean fruit and veggies.

I want to create a home where my family can live healthier, happier and chemical-free. And I began to realize that I could start that journey with Young Living.

So What is Young Living and Why Are They So Special?

Young Living is one of the top companies that sell essential oils. Because of this, I wanted to do my research and be sure I wasn’t just overspending by hopping on the bandwagon. (Can you tell I’m quite skeptical?!)

I compared Young Living with doTERRA and found the two are quite similar. I also looked into several other companies but ended up back with those two. Honestly, I’m sure doTerra is great, but I began to lean towards Young Living as I did more research.

Here are some of the reasons I preferred Young Living:

  • Their promise and commitment to purity (Seed to Seal Promise)
  • They are family friendly and have a ton of products for kids (and even pets!)
  • They were a lot easier to navigate, have a great program for inviting others and earning an income and they were extremely accessible when I had any questions
  • I just enjoyed their products more when comparing
  • They have a massive community of people who use Young Living and are eager to help

Overall, I think both companies would be great, and you should definitely do your research, but I have been really happy with Young Living and the community that has joined together to help me learn all about it.

I started following #youngliving on Instagram when I became interested and there was just SO much helpful information.

Yes, Young Living is an MLM company, and this held me back initially. But as I began to learn more, I realized that because of this, they offer so many opportunities and resources to their members. And so I was flooded with research and helpful tips and recipes and connections that got me started.

I immediately got connected to several Facebook groups that offered giveaways, tons of helpful information and people to help answer questions all the time. And when I had a question about one of my orders, Young Living had a live chat available at that very moment!

I don't think it's necessary to push products on anyone and everyone you come in contact with. That is something that each member has to discern for themselves. But I was searching for a better way for my family and if the fit is right for you too, Young Living has so much to offer. I really have loved being a member so far!

If you’re looking into essential oils, I do recommend Young Living to get you started. 

How Do I Get Started With Young Living?

Getting started with Young Living is an investment. The Premium Starter Kit is $160 dollars, and most people who want to get their homes chemical-free or begin trying natural ways to ease symptoms, moods and other things, don’t just have that money lying around! I know I didn't.

I spent a little bit saving up to invest and in the meantime did a TON of research. I didn’t want to waste my money and I had spent years believing these oils were a scam. But the research only made me more excited to try it.

The most important thing when you get started with Young Living is finding the support in your journey and the resources to help you utilize your oils best.

The Premium Starter Kit includes 11 of the most common and useful oils, a beautiful diffuser, a sample of the Thieves cleaner, 2 Ningxia Red samples, a roller top, sample bottles and a ton of helpful information.

In my new Mini-Course, Healthier, Happier and Chemical-Free, I walk you through each of these parts of the Starter Kit, including how to use each oil, their benefits and practical ways you can use them right away.

And when you sign up for my Mini-Course, you will be eligible to receive the 5 free bonus goodies (hint: including some glass roller bottles) & 2 awesome resources when you join Young Living with me!

Healthier, Happier & Chemical-Free!

This journey of exchanging chemical-filled cleaning products and a cabinet full of medications with natural products that bring us to a healthier, happier and chemical-free life is just waiting for you to take the first step.

And honestly, the first step isn’t just spending money on a kit because someone else said it was great. The best way to really get started is to equip yourself with the knowledge of why this will help you.

As much as I hate to say this, essential oils might not be for everyone. You have to be willing to commit to the journey of making changes.

Are you interested in taking this journey? Are you ready to take responsibility for your health, your home and your family?

Maybe you’re just slightly interested and a HUGE skeptic like I was. That’s okay!

That’s exactly what this Mini-Course was designed for. It’s created to help you dip your toe in the water and discover what this Essential Oils thing is all about.

I’d love for you to join me on the journey to healthy, happy and chemical-free living!

(If you're ready for your Premium Starter Kit you can click this link)

(Mini Course Temporarily Closed)