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Email marketing is one of the single most important parts of building a successful online business or blog.

Your social media fans and followers aren’t yours, they belong to the platform in which they reside. Your Facebook followers belong to Facebook and your Pinterest followers belong to Pinterest.

At any time, these platforms can change their algorithms and drastically change your performance on those sites. I’ve had that happen over and over, how about you?

How Convertkit Can Grow Your Blog Fast - A Convertkit Review (1)

Your email subscribers are yours and yours alone. You own them. You have the ability to reach out to them whenever you want. And that is why email marketing is so important (in a nutshell).

Because of this, your email marketing plan is extremely important. Not only is the content you're sending important to consider, but the platform you’re sending it on will make a big difference.

I’m going to dive into the reasons why Convertkit has been the best email marketing platform for my blogs. I know it is more pricey than the others and sometimes I wish it weren’t, but I stick with them because I know they are doing me more good than any of the other platforms. And here’s why.

It’s Easy, Clean & Straightforward

When I started my first blog, I signed up with Mailchimp. They offer a free plan for a low number of subscribers and because I had no clue what I was doing and how important email marketing was, I didn’t want to have to add that to my budget just yet.

But learning Mailchimp was hard. They have visual editing templates but I found these way more difficult to work with and edit. I always felt like I was just clicking random buttons trying to change the settings and look of my emails.

When I switched to Convertkit, it almost felt too simple. It was so easy to format my emails and their system was text-based. In my opinion, emails should be that way!

I could add pictures where I wanted, but it was so much easier on Convertkit.

The way their platform is laid out is a lot cleaner and straightforward. It’s easy to create beautiful forms and landing pages on Convertkit and I could easily set up sequences with tips and pointers on what should be in each email.

In fact, I’d say there was almost no learning that I had to do on my own. Once I was in my account, they walk you through a short tutorial of how to set up forms, sequences, automations and broadcasts. It took me less than an hour to set up my entire account (and get a free t-shirt!) and I could feel confident that my emails would look great.

If you’re looking for an email marketing platform that is easy to learn and use and gets you great results, I highly recommend Converkit.

It’s Extremely Reliable

Convertkit has never caused me any problems with my emails.

Some email platforms can mistakingly send your broadcasts or emails to your subscriber’s spam folder. Have you ever gotten those emails saying “Add me so these emails don’t go to spam?”

Well, with Convertkit, you won’t need this disclaimer. And you never have to worry about your subscribers missing important emails. That means higher subscriber engagement and a more accurate reading of what your subscribers are engaging with.

You can send emails right away or schedule them out. And you can trust that they will go out when scheduled.

Having an email marketing provider that is reliable is extremely important because your subscribers are your greatest asset. And they need to know you’re reliable too!

The Features Helped Grow My Blog & Business

With Mailchimp, I never felt I could really take advantage of my email subscribers. I am the type of person that needs a clean and clutter-free area to focus and be productive. And because I felt Mailchimp was so cluttered, it was hard to feel that I had things under control.

When I switched to Convertkit my subscriber list started to skyrocket. I felt I had more freedom to create sequences, email courses and send a weekly newsletter because of how Convertkit was laid out.

They also offered so many ways to track how many were visiting my forms and signing up and how many subscribers were opening my emails and clicking.

After using Convertkit for a while, I noticed my subscriber engagement growing. A huge reason I believe this happened was that my emails looked cleaner and it was easier to see what actions my subscribers could take.

They would open an email and it would be consistently clean and contain a call to action that was clear and inviting. Our lives are cluttered enough, I’m so happy that I could clean up my emails to help my subscribers feel free and invited in.

Convertkit is definitely one of the pricier email marketing platforms, and it is one of the larger investments I’ve made for my blog, but it has been worth every penny. 

When I started this blog, I again signed up with Convertkit and it has been so helpful in growing my subscribers.

This is just my personal preference and what has helped me to grow my blogs, but I'd love for you to give it a try with their free trial!

You can click this link to check out Convertkit's free trial.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments below 🙂